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Get aboard the leading Aviation Summit in Africa

Air Traffic and Navigation Services SOC Limited (ATNS) is proud to present the fifth annual AVI AFRIQUE Africa Aviation Innovation Summit.

This year the ATNS AVI AFRIQUE Africa Aviation Innovation Summit 2016 is set to be our most exciting and eventful Summit to date. Not only will ATNS be presenting a top-notch array of speakers and panelists at our Innovation Summit but we’ll also be hosting our AVI AFRIQUE expo and presentations, as well as the Collaborative Decision Making Conference spanning a noteworthy three days.

The AVI AFRIQUE Summit theme for 2016 is ‘aviation innovation for regional integration in Africa, contributing towards economic infrastructure development and social cohesion’. As such the Summit seeks to explore how aviation industries play a vital role in the development of suitable and adequate infrastructure to support economic growth on the African continent. In particular airports and Air Traffic Management infrastructure development is essential to the growth and functioning of air transport services in the African region.

As part of this Summit ATNS is proud to present the second annual AVI Awards, which seek to recognise those who are innovating in the aviation space.

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View the exciting and stimulating speakers at this years TEDx TableMountain Dynamic Leaps from the comfort of your own monitor !

Be amazed and awed by our host of incredible speakers:

Thabo Mahetha telling us about "The future of contemporary African Fashion"

Jitsvinger aka Quintin Goliath rapping on "Transcending Circumstance"

Buhle Ngaba is an actress, activist and author telling us "Storytelling can change how we see the world"

Valerie Amani waxing lyrical on "Be more of you:The importance of internal Dynamic Leaps"

...and more..


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