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Every listed organisation has a responsibility and duty to keep shareholders informed timeously on matters relating to or affecting the company’s share price. The investment community, including shareholders, analysts and the press, take great interest not only in Corporate Results presentations and Analyst Day presentations, but also press conferences, guidance calls, product launches, facilities tours and other events relating to growing future value. 

Unfortunately though, not all interested parties are able to physically attend such a presentation for reasons of geography or timing, but neither the organisation nor stakeholders need lose these opportunities for important communications to take place simlpy by utilizing Antfarm's online streaming services 

Investor Relations managers who add webcasting to their Results Presentations and Analyst Day presentations obtain maximum benefit by extending the reach to interested parties around the globe live, and by extending the longevity of the presentation well beyond the attended presentations limited reach. 

  • Reach wider audiences across a global footprint with meaningful online interaction
  • Extend information accessibility beyond live time boundaries by post-event online archive (video on demand)
  • Direct interaction with audience via realtime webcast feedback / question features
  • Deliver key presentations internally to staff or externally to public
  • Synchronized slides and other rich media integration for both live and archived / ondemand presentation
  • Key executive availability and overall operational cost reductions - present once, deliver to many
  • Full end-to-end production or collaborative webcast services from Antfarm lend flexibility to even the most complex events
  • Audio or Video webcasts customizable to your CI or information release schedule needs.

Antfarm has been entrusted to broadcast key financial results of the largest JSE and other listed corporations for the past 17 years, having accumulated an extensive understanding of all critical aspects of this important high-value presentation scope. We can provide full production webcast services, or professionally engage in collaborative force within most aspects of corporate communications and event broadcasting. With Antfarm you're sure to deliver live online!

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