Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Welcome to Antfarm's abundant digital CX world which provides endless opportunities to engage in new ways with your customers and employees to create rich customer experiences for your brand.

Antfarm is proud to be partnering with Kinetic Events to deliver the CEM Summit Africa and the CX Awards.

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Immersive & Highly Engaging

Quick and easy to use technology means content and messaging that is responsive to your audience immediately, irrespective of location
Integration to the technologies that are reshaping CEM today, like social media (Facebook and Youtube)
Collaborative structures which engage your top brand ambassadors and CX creators, namely your employees

Responsive & Intelligent

Instant data and analytics to help you better understand and respond to your customers
Supports fluid and adaptive content strategies
You see what your customer sees - readily understand your customer preferences and behaviours and respond to them

Simplification, Innovation and Execution

Leaders who embrace content creation and live streaming inevitably open new thought processes within the organisation that will inherently lead to innovative content creators
Create personal, engaging experiences with your customers which will be remembered and shared

CEM Africa Summit

CEM Africa is a meeting place for CX professionals and innovative CX solution providers, where like-minded customer experience experts and the top CX solution providers gather for an informative and educational summit with the common goal of improving customer experience across Africa.
Antfarm will be streaming this exciting event LIVE !

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Customer Experience Africa Awards

15 August, Century City Conference Centre.

An evening of glamour and prestige, celebrating th CX industry's top achievers

Antfarm will be streaming this exciting event LIVE !

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