Online Radio in South Africa Sees Huge Growth

Online Radio in South Africa Sees Huge Growth

Did you know that Antfarm delivers streams for 54 commercial and online radio stations to over 2,5 million unique listeners every single month?
Last year we reliably delivered around 8 million total connections per month to listeners both locally and across the globe, as we have done for over a decade.

Over the course of 2017

a total of

78 775 264

connections were served by Antfarm on our content delivery network

with almost

10 million

Connections delivered for our top online radio station client alone !

Antfarm's depth of experience and fifteen year track record means we provide reliable, low risk and cost-effective radio streaming solutions to any radio station.

Despite the reach of our service, you will always be able to rely on us for personal service with a special touch.

With all of this and zero limits on concurrent listeners, generous bandwidth provisions and easy-to-use solutions Antfarm remains the market leader in radio and live streaming.