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Quick and Easy To Use
Enhance Your Website With Streamed Video

Antfarm provides optimal video on demand hosting solutions for your website
Simple integration between Antfarm's Clipstream platform into your website with powerful server and player APIs
Automate the uploading and hosting of your video library - or accept uploads from your users
Create perfect end-to-end video experiences
We provide the strongest security available to protect your videos from being copied or shared. Lock your content to play only on the websites you select. Add a watermark or password to ensure security.

Efficient and convenient

Simple upload process with a very low cost per stream
Avoid advertising, clutter of other content and keep viewers on your own site
The streaming automatically adapts to the viewer's device be it a smartphone phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
You'll be confident the video will be performing optimally for your viewers
Reporting and streaming analytics help you determine the coverage and impact of your content
The stream is delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world via Antfarm's global CDN