Motion of No Confidence -Live Webcast-

Democratic AllianceThousands of South Africans wil
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08/08/2017 - 12:15pm
Motion of No Confidence -Live Webcast-

Antfarm presents the following webcast:

Thousands of South Africans will march together across the country in defence of our young democracy which has been abused by an ANC which has sold it to the highest bidder, purely for their own selfish financial gain.
The motion tomorrow is, therefore, more crucial than ever. It is a chance for us all to stand up and say no to corruption.
Regardless of National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete's decision on whether the vote will be conducted via a secret ballot or not, the DA will be voting to remove President Zuma.
We strongly encourage ANC MP's to search within themselves, put the people of the country first and to do the same.
No matter what the Speaker's decision is on the secret ballot, we will march in our thousands to show our support for removing corruption in all its forms.
The project to remove corruption continues with removing President Zuma tomorrow and then the entire corrupt ANC in 2019.

-Live Webcast-