WWF SA Living Planet Conference 2017-Live Webcast-

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27/07/2017 - 9:00am
WWF SA Living Planet Conference 2017-Live Webcast-

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WWF South Africa brings together exceptional experts in the food, energy and water sectors to share solutions to one of our planet's most pressing challenges - waste.
At this year's Living Planet Conference, we ask, "What is your junk status?"
Despite our utter dependence on nature for food, water and energy, we are often wasteful.
We toss out nutritious food despite staggering food insecurity, we trash our vital water source areas and fail to effectively harness abundant and free renewable sources of energy, including wind and sun.
This thought-provoking yet practical conference presents a rare opportunity to engage rigorously and dynamically in the search for solutions that we can all apply in our daily lives.
Join us and our line-up of powerful speakers, including Hlubi Mboya, Sissie Matela, Tasneem Essop, Andrea Burgener and WWF's own Kholosa Magudu, Pavs Pillay and James Reeler, engage with this challenging topic. Our keynote speaker is former finance minister Pravin Gordhan.
It's time to think differently, consume wisely and act collectively.

-Live Webcast-