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Our online video management platform allows you to instantly live stream your video content and record it simultaneously with no unwanted ads or delay.

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Epiphan Pearl-2

 Pearl-2 is a powerful production video mixer that creates stunning live video by combining, encoding, switching and recording up to 6 video and 2 audio sources.

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Have your event, fashion show, Investor report or concert covered by our professional crew with the highest production standards of great delivery and quality.

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ANTFARM specializes in LIVE STREAMING AND WEBCAST   delivery on any platform to any device anywhere in the world.

Let us craft a global communication solution for your digital needs



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It was great working with you and your team, extremely helpful and thank you for the great quality of work. We will be collaborating with you again. Thanks again for all your help.
Antfarm's service is very good & reliable, the support given by the team is excellent & they respond quickly to requests. They are very professional and always helpful, especially on a day of an important event.
ArcelorMittal South Africa
The service and support received form Antfarm has been fantastic!!!! The results being stability and I would recommend them to other organizations in a heartbeat. Keep up the good work.
We think Antfarm is a fantastic company and very professional. Their work enables people all over the world to watch the annual Warsaw Flights Service. Your service is fantastic!
Warsaw Flights
Antfarm provides excellent service and we look forward to working with the team again. They are very professional and helpful, they are a great team to work with and we are very happy with the partnership we've formed with them.
The Portuguese Forum thanks you for your participation in the 2020 Social Solidarity Food Drive. Your kind support goes a long way in ensuring that we tackle the real hunger challenge our country is currently facing after COVID- 19 Lockdown.Together ,South Africa's civil society has an instrumental role to play in alleviating the crisis, and it is actions such as yours that will see us overcome these challenging times. Manny Ferreirinha National Chairman of The Portuguese Forum of South Africa
Manny Ferreirinha
National Chairman of The Portuguese Forum of South Africa
The service received from Antfarm is outstanding and it's always a pleasure working with them. When it is time for an event, every aspect is taken care of from start to completion as well as follow ups. The Project Management is World Class. Possibly the best Support given from a Company, with any query I might have there is always a solution and the quick response is immaculate. We were looking for a solution to get all our staff members across the Group Companies to get together in a way that they didn't have to be at the Results Presentation to see what was discussed on the day. The Solution to this all was Antfarm itself, bringing everyone closer and being able to hear the CEO speak which is an opportunity not all get.
The experience with Antfarm was great, especially the team that worked with us on site at our conference: they were helpful and I felt confident that we would get high quality work.
Antfarm's service is professional, their support quality is excellent and they have great response times. Results we got working with Antfarm is we seldom have audio streaming interruptions, listeners contact Antfarm directly with questions via our website and listeners can listen to us on more platforms than in the past.
Radio Pulpit
Antfarm's quality of service is consistantly good, they are very supportive in overcoming teething problems, always available and their response time is very good. They have affordable pricing, reliable streaming and it's a pleasure working with them.
Radio Pretoria
It is really good working with the Antfarm team as they are very accommodating and their service quality is excellent.
Alansaar Radio
Antfarm has an excellent support system, great service, they are a professional team and we would recommend their service to other radio stations!
Rhodes Music Radio
“At the Soccer City show Bono said ‘This place feels like the future’ and we are excited to be making the future happen right now on dstvafrica.com with this first ever live streaming of a U2 concert in Africa."
Antfarm's service has been top notch and their support quality is efficient and effective. The team is friendly and always willing to assist with queries. Our buyers look forward to viewing the sale live and the webcast results provided have proven this. Thank you to the entire Antfarm Team - you are fantastic!
Thoroughbred Breeders Association
It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Antfarm Team, it is reassuring to know that they will deliver no matter what the circumstances. Their service and support quality is excellent.
African Rainbow Minerals (ARM)
Excellent service from booking the sessions to the quality of service we get from the technical team. Always handling each request no matter how big or small. The Team is so friendly and very organized, always has everything set up in time for our webcast sessions and very professional. The main results we receive are the webcast facilities that we get for directors, staff and clients. Great way to communicate with them and keep them informed on what is happening with the company’s strategy and processes
It is always a pleasure working with the Antfarm Team - their guys are very helpful and accommodating. Their quality and service is very good.