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Antfarm provides products and services to the

Streaming and Content Delivery markets.



If it's video or audio, and it's on the Internet, we know how to do it... From corporate communications to solar eclipses, we've streamed it.


The founders of Antfarm have been involved in streaming media from its inception in South Africa in 1995. We understand that technology is not just an enabler but also a creator of new business opportunities and we are constantly testing the limits of existing technologies.

We also don't believe in reinventing the wheel and have created partnerships to enable us to provide effective end-to-end streaming media solutions to all of our clients.

We enable our clients to maximise the value derived from their communications activities including Investor Relations, Conferences, Internal Communications, Marketing & PR, Press Briefings, Training, Event Sponsorship and Advertising, as well as Radio and Television Broadcasting.

Our established playing field is audio and video, be it on the internet and within corporate networks.


Since 2000 we have been pioneering streaming technology and its use in South Africa, overcoming low bandwidth restraints to become the leading provider of streaming services to Broadcasters, Government, NGOs and Corporate South Africa. Our clients range from South Africa's top JSE listed companies, to government, to commercial and community broadcasters.

We own and manage our own GLOBAL Content Distribution Network (CDN) with multiple nodes in South Africa, as well as Europe and the US, with nodes being added as demand grows. The CDN ensures we deliver high quality streams efficiently and reliably to a global audience for our clients.




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Antfarm has delivered successful live streams from locations all over the country and internationally.
We operate mainly from Gauteng and Western Cape, but deliver to our clients anywhere and at any time.
From Tankwa to Thokoza, our team will be there for you.