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ObserveAnt has created an intelligent surveillance platform that makes it possible for many users to simultaneously remotely monitor/observe an event or location of special interest on the internet.
All ObserveAnt requires is an internet connection, IP-camera and something of interest for people to see! We provide you with access to our video platform - used to ingest the IP-camera's video - and our CDN - used to scale the stream to an unlimited audience. You provide the camera and Internet connection (otherwise we can provide that too!). You can be up and live streaming in a no time at all.


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Product Description: 

ObserveAnt Surveilance Monitoring Platform

Real Time - All The Time
ObserveAnt Surveillance Monitoring

Some examples of ObserveAnt at work:
- Real-time visual monitoring of your assets - building progress at a construction site, workers on a factory floor/production line or the growth of your crops
- Real-time visual monitoring of a location of popular or special interest - road traffic, surge conditions and beach crowd size, queue lengths at a ticket stand or stadium, event audience size, retail traffic, weather conditions at an outdoor venue, children in a classroom or school function, wildlife at a waterhole, a birthing event at the zoo, parking availability and much more
- Real-time surveillance for security applications - surveillance of ship decks, factory floors, buildings, parkades, security estates, suburbs, retail facilities etc

Compact & cost effective


  • Encoder rental
  • 4k Ultra ready
  • Distribution bandwidth across the Antfarm CDN
  • Managed encoding, service and end-user support
  • Streaming statistics

The ObserveAnt solution exposes a live video stream from an on-location webcam or IP-camera thereby making it possible for unlimited amounts of users to watch the live video stream at the same time, overcoming the simultaneous viewer limitations of existing security cam solutions.