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Antennae - Video Management Platform

Antennae - Video Management Platform

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Antennae - Video Management Platform

Introducing Antfarm’s Antennae

Antfarm has developed a unique software-defined solution that enables video service providers to cost-effectively deliver high-quality multi-screen video.

We have put the power in your hands with this modular platform which includes video processing, bandwidth optimization, caching and analytics.

Antfarm's Antennae Video Management Platform is the online webcasting platform that empowers people and organizations to quickly and efficiently webcast Live and On Demand Video to a globally connected audience, using any modern device or platform, enabling a rich interactive engagement with an enhanced visual medium.

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Product Description: 

Antennae Video Management Platform

A Complete Video Management and Hosting Platform
Secure & Flexible

Antfarm has created an online video management platform to enable efficient and flexible visual communication to audiences both inside the organisation and externally to the public.
Secure and manage access to streams by assigning users organizational units and only allow selected viewers. Secure streaming URLs to prevent restreaming or content misuse.
Our user management module allows you to create roles and organizational units for different levels of access and content separation.

Presenter and Director!

Presenters enjoy full control of their live session in one elegant browser window.
Direct one-click access to insert slides which are synched during presentation. You can also display presenter details and biographies. Ensure your stream looks good using video preview. With Antennae you can stream out live, then immediately have recordings available for replay
Check who's connected, send out polls and questions, field viewer questions. Allow users to submit questions via the player page. Also, send questions to viewers to get feedback on content or gauge understanding / engagement levels.

Antennae is Amazing

Easy branding and customisable layouts make this video management platform a powerful tool and ally.
The platform provides easy to use, meaningful analytics on who is viewing your content, when and for how long.
Build a video library and manage videos recorded from live or uploaded for later viewing. Videos are easy to manage and deploy for use in compelling combined media campaigns.

Optimal Content Distribution

Easy to run and view globally distributed CDN or organisation-wide internally distributed eCDN nodes ensure efficient content delivery to the internet and within your organization. Confidently secure and deliver streams without major impact on your corporate network.
Leveraging the CDN / eCDN means content gets delivered from a source closest to the viewer, which minimizes load times, lowers buffer frequencies and reduces delivery costs.
Take your brand's digital footprint to markets across the globe using our approach for efficient information delivery.