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Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount

Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount

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Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount

Pearl-2 Rackmount is a powerful 2U live production video mixer that fits perfectly into your 19-inch AV rack whether it's threaded or unthreaded.

Create stunning live video programs by by combining, encoding, switching and recording up to six video sources and 2 audio sources. 

USB video now supported!
Connect a USB web camera or one of our AV.io family video grabbers directly into Pearl-2!

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Product Description: 

Epiphan Pearl-2 Rackmount, All-in-one system for live video switching, streaming and recording in HD and optional 4K upgrade.

Use Cases

Reliable, simple live streaming
Use the touch screen or Epiphan Live to preview and change the live content in your video programs
Simple to use monitoring and live switching
Control and monitor your live video production
Hold hundreds of hours of HD recordings
Design your own custom layout
Capture embedded HDMI and SDI audio
Capture 6 video sources at once
Choose the model that suits your needs. Don't need 4K functionality today? Purchase the base feature set now and add the 4K feature add-on later.

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Start streaming Live today
with Epiphan Pearl-2

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Simple To Use

With Pearl-2 Rackmount you can share any kind of video, anytime, anywhere, effortlessly.
Simple to use with a web-based portal for initial configuration, you get a drag and drop interface to create completely customizable layouts for your live stream.
You can choose to keep Pearl-2's default encoding settings or customize them to meet your exact needs.
Control the video recorder and video switcher capabilities via the touch screen or the tablet-friendly Epiphan Live interface.
Start streaming live today with Pearl-2 Rackmount!

AntFarm's host of online radio stations

For portable live production. Includes a hard-shell carrying case.

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AnFarm uses Pearl 2 servers to stream top quality video

All the same features of Pearl-2, designed for installation in a rack.

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AnFarm uses Pearl 2 servers to stream top quality video

Two completely independent Pearl-2 systems for high density rack installation.

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Feature Add Ons

About Pearl-2 feature add-ons Pearl-2 Rackmount is sold as a base model and uses add-ons to activate extra features. With the base model, all six video inputs accept a maximum of input resolution of 1920×1080 and you can create up to six 1080p Full HD video programs at 30 fps. The 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities. With this add-on activated you can create a 4K program comprised of up to 2 4K inputs and 2 HD or IP camera inputs.

What You Get

Live stream up to six channels to YouTube, Facebook and other CDNs while simultaneously recording your video program for post-production or video on demand.

  • 2U rackmount chassis
  • Live video switching using the touch screen or web UI
  • Stream audio + 12G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI™
  • Up to 6 1080p HD streams at 30 fps or 2 at 60 fps
  • Visual layout editor for simple creation of custom multi-view layouts