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Internal Communications

Internal Communications

Webcast Your Message to Staff and Internal Stakeholders


Streaming is a highly efficient way to share your message with the organization without losing the human touch.
Communication is key to fostering great levels of employee engagement.

Organizations with highly engaged employees are generally more successful, more efficient and have lower employee turnover rates.
Explore streaming today to find out how you can get your team more involved.


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Why Video
Webcast Internal Communications

Online video has become familiar to most consumers. And as consumers your employees bring their expectation of video content into the workplace.

Ease of access to online video even internally on the corporate network has become a natural expectation.

With this evolving landscape, corporate communications or HR professionals can give their organization an edge by using the power of online video to facilitate the company's internal communication.

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Benefits of video streaming your message to employees
  • Video ensure that your internal communications are more likely to be fully absorbed by the intended recipients.
  • Video can eliminate many in-person meetings, handouts, emails and documents
  • A consistent message is broadcast throughout the organization
  • Video-on-demand is always readily available in the future for people to refer back to, whereas email or handouts can get lost

Video is accessible across all devices from desktop to mobile Create your own library of video communication assets