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Marketing & PR

Marketing & PR

Harness the power of video streaming to make your Marketing & PR strategy highly effective

 Live streaming is the biggest content marketing trend currently. Combined with Antfarm’s tried and tested experience as streaming pioneers in South Africa, you get a winning formula for your Marketing & PR success.  Leverage value and convenience of online video along with Antfarm’s value adds like social media integration and multi-platform aggregation to make your message more impactful and to reach the right audiences at the right time.

The Antfarm Team
will help you every step of the way to deliver a first-class Webcast

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Why use Video Conferencing?
Take your Marketing to the next level with WEBCAST LIVE

Live stream in full HD and introduce your new product or promote your company to the audience of your choice, be it global or a select registered user group.
Suitable for company announcements, product launches, new season communications, demo's, press releases, training, internal meetings, seminars and any opportunity to showcase your company's offering to the market.
Your online stream is available on any device with instant feedback, interaction and buying opportunities.

In the moment value – the benefits of using online video streaming
  • Increased audience capacity combined with the ability to target specific audiences/tailor the experience to each audience
  • Ease of access to your marketing and PR content
  • Accurate & real-time stats & tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Ability to quickly produce and present content which is responsive to immediate market requirements
  • Reduced travel & hospitality costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint