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Antfarm's online video communications solutions help government departments address both internal and external challenges by comprehensively connecting with a wide audience of stakeholders through video streaming.


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Engagement is the Key
Reach the Nation

"A functioning democracy needs an informed citizenry. Providing citizens with adequate information on priorities, programs and activities ensures not only the legitimacy of a government, but also institutes regimes of transparency and accountability." -Kennedy Javuru
Expand the reach and impact of government communication, educational messaging and information leveraging the highly engaging medium of streaming

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State of the Art Streaming Solutions

Antfarm has developed Antennae, an advanced webcast and Video Management Platform to manage Users, camera streams, slide presentations, polls, surveys, feedback, engagement analytics, and much more.
Alternately our Webcasting solutions can provide simple, convenient access to live streaming or content on demand. Antfarm's highly experienced team can help you to deliver high-impact messaging at the right time, to the right audiences.

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