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Faith Broadcasting

Faith Broadcasting


Antfarm’s streaming solutions help you to deliver your message globally, in real-time, on a regular basis.

With our skills, expertise, and state-of-the-art technology,
we are able to stream your message to the world.


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Special Webcasting Rates
Webcast Your Own Event

Have a look at what mini-vid can do for your faith orgainisation or group.

  • A dedicated video streaming encoder with all relevant hardware and software licenses
  • Streaming distribution bandwidth across the Antfarm CDN
  • VigilMetrix Stream providing online streaming statistics reporting
  • Antfarm's ongoing maintenance and support of the entire solution
  • Ongoing support of end-users who struggle to connect to the stream
  • Optional: dedicated ADSL line and bandwidth for stream relay from site to the Internet.
  • Video streaming player
DIY Webcasting

Live sermons and events can be captured and streamed live, conveniently, using just a single video camera.
It's as simple as connecting the video camera or mixer to the provided MiniVid encoder and clicking the Start button.
Faith broadcasting is simplified for Everyone, with MiniVid and Antfarm.