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Town Hall Broadcasts

Town Hall Broadcasts


Webcast Your Town Meetings and Announcements

Live and online meetings, attended by all interested residents or stakeholders, wherever they are in the world, will allow your town or city to increase participation and streamline communications. 

Town Hall Webcasts will
improve communications and Service Delivery  

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Webcast Your Town Hall Meeting

Extend Reach and Value of your Town Hall Meeting

Bring your town hall meetings to ALL of your employees with Antfarm.

As employees become more globally dispersed, it becomes less feasible to gather them in a single location.

It’s costly, time-consuming, and detrimental to normal business functions.

While simple conferencing can allow remote employees to listen to or view a town hall meeting, they have no way to directly participate in the activities of the meeting. By integrating virtual communications from Antfarm, everyone can fully participate in town hall meetings.

The Webcasting Virtual Town Hall

Antfarm enables you to provide all of your employees the ability to both watch and participate in the activities of a traditional town hall meeting from anywhere in the world.

Virtual town hall meetings can be customized to include chat functionality for Q & A, surveys and polling, and real-time collaboration tools to create a fully interactive town hall experience for the remote worker.

Contact our webcasting consultants in Cape Town or Pretoria and they will assist in spreading your message.


Antfarm Delivers

All-hands townhall meetings, quarterly recaps, product or organization updates.

Train, share and inform.

Share your message globally, lower your costs & raise the bar for your company communications with a secure webcast media portal.

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