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Nobel-Inspired Lecture

Nobel-Inspired Lecture

The National Research Foundation, in partnership with the Swedish Embassy in Pretoria, co-hosts
the Annual Swedish-South Africa Nobel-Inspired Public Lecture Series. The lecture series was
launched in 2014 and brings together prominent researchers in the fields of Economic Sciences,
Medicine/Physiology, Physics, Chemistry, Peace and Literature for an event coinciding with the
announcement of the Nobel Laureates in Stockholm, Sweden.

The aim of the event is to acknowledge research excellence in South Africa and Sweden and
celebrate the long-standing friendship between the two countries by emphasising the importance
of research, technology and innovation in addressing real challenges that are confronting

LIVE 11 October at 14h00.

Event Date: 
11/10/2019 - 2:00pm
Client Name: 
Johannesburg Institute of Advanced Study (JIAS)